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4 Healthy Non-Alcoholic Drink Choices from a Personal Trainer

4 Healthy Non-Alcoholic Drink Choices from a Personal Trainer

The main goal of a personal trainer is to get you fitness and reduce some pounds. Aside from performing exercises, your expert personal trainer may also require you to restrict yourself from consuming alcoholic drinks at your local bar or restaurant.

Well, there’s nothing for you to worry about. In this post, we are going to provide you with four of the best non-alcoholic and healthy cocktails recommended by a personal trainer that you can drink at your local pub. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

  1. Smoothies

One of the most recommended non-alcoholic cocktail drinks recommended by a professional trainer is the smoothies. With this drink, you can enhance your vitamin intake using your favorite fruits. You can search for the best smoothies you can make at home that you can take to the gym. Having a healthy body can help you to perform exercises without getting tired easily. To do so, try to add your smoothies with your favorite vegetables. You might also consider creating a green detox smoothie using spinach, kiwi, apple, and coconut water. This is a healthy beverage that does not contain any alcohol content.

  1. Lassi

This is one of the refreshing drinks popular in India. It is recommended by personal trainers to drink after eating spicy foods. It is very tasty and refreshing . To do this recipe, you need to use yogurt as its base. If you want to make it more savory, you might consider adding coriander and cumin. If you want to make a quite sweet drink, it would be a great idea to add it with some amount of sugar and rosewater. You can also use your favorite fruit, such as mango, with some notes of mint and pistachio.

  1. Water with Lemon

One of the healthiest and most recommended non-alcoholic cocktails from the professional personal trainers is the combination of water and lemon. While working out, it is always important to maintain a hydrated body. This will enable you to be more energetic and has the urge to finish your work out session. You can add some pinch of your favorite herbs, such as mint, basil, and rosemary. But one of the most popular ingredients you can add to water is the lemon juice, or lime, some slices of refreshing and cool cucumber, and if you want some fiery taste, you might add an amount of ginger.

  1. Non-Alcoholic Tropical Fizz

You can now use your tinned fruit for keeping yourself healthy by adding it to the extracted juices of your favorite fruits, such as pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi. To do this, look for the ingredients you can use as your tropical fruit juice base. But if you are fond of making juicer drinks, you might consider using lychees and mango to make your own non-alcoholic tropical fizz.


It is always important to avoid from drinking alcoholic beverages when you are dreaming to lose some pounds and achieve your preferred body shape. You can make the drinks we listed above without adding alcoholic content.

Top Selling Liquor Brands in the World

Top Selling Liquor Brands in the World

The sales of alcohol totally depend on the drinking population of the world. Since Asia has two of the most populated countries in the world, it has some of the best selling liquor brands. The sales of a brand also depends on the prices of the bottles. Here is a list of the top-selling liquor brands in the world based.



This South Korean liquor brand is known for Soju. You can find Soju available everywhere, including meetings, parties, family events, and anywhere else that requires celebration. Daily sales of this Jinro liquor has made it the highest-selling brand. Jinro’s sales are almost double compared to its nearest competitors.

Officer’s Choice

This famous Indian whiskey takes the second spot as the highest-selling liquor brand. As the name suggests it sure is the choice for officers, but it is also a choice for over 40% of the drinkers in India. It has recorded over 32.8 million sales in the past year alone.


This eastern brandy has made a lot of noise ever since it arrived in the market. Emperador’s products may not be a choice for western brandy lovers due to its taste it is one of the highest selling products around the world, making its sale in the Philippines. Emperador outsells every brandy brand in the world and stands at thirst position for the most selling liquor.



A people’s favourite vodka in the United States and many other countries, Smirnoff makes different flavours of vodka, which makes them dominate the market. The only Russian thing about this brand is the Moscow Mule logo. Its sales have reported reaching over $25 million in the past year.

Mcdowell’s No. 1

The name Mcdowell’s alone makes this brand seem like a premium one, but once you find its Indian origins, you realise how well established this brand is in the country. The liquor from Mcdowell’s may not be available internationally, but if it is available, then an Indian will recognise it immediately.

Imperial Blue

India has plenty of brands that offer good quality whiskey but not the best ones. It is made by Pernod Ricard, which is another acquisition from Seagram’s. It has its sales higher than Royal Stag with over 18 million in the records of last year.

Royal Stag

Royal Stag

One of the premium whiskey brands under a good budget for people is the Royal Stag whiskey. Whiskey is the most preferred liquor type in India why is probably why the sales of Royal Stag has always been sky high ever since they began in the 1990s.

Johnnie Walker

Another premium brand which is widely preferred by a worldwide audience is Johnnie Walker. It is one of the biggest spirits brands who flagship their scotch as the best in the competition. The duty-free shops and the exclusive bottle packs make Johnnie Walker a globally cherished brand.



The 7 Essential Craft Beers You Must Try

The 7 Essential Craft Beers You Must Try

Craft beers can be some of the best beers that you can taste. There are thousands of breweries which make their own beer giving drinkers an overwhelming choice to find the beer that meets their taste. Here are some of the best craft beers recommended by beer lovers like you that you can try out.

Alesmith Old Numbskull

A winner of three Great American Beer Festival awards, this beer from Barleywine is a well-balanced beer that can be a great compliment to your barbecue parties. It has 11% ABV which gives a pretty good buzz to let you enjoy the party with just a bottle.

Alesmith Old Numbskull

Allagash Black Ale

This Belgian-style stout is one of the most delicious craft beers that you can find in the market. Although there is nothing as Belgian Stout tradition, Allagash likes to call it that way. This roasted barley, torrified wheat, chocolate malt, black malt, and dark caramelized candy sugar brew definitely deserves your review. It contains 7.5% ABV making it perfect for a nice evening.

Bell’s Expedition Stout

This craft beer is a Russian Imperial Stout special, made with chocolate, dark fruits, molasses, and coffee. It is a super smooth beer made with complex ingredients that make it unique. It is one of the best RIS that you can find in the market. It contains 10.5% ABV.

Cigar City Guava Grove

This craft beer gets its name from Tampa’s fruity nickname. It is special because of its French strain of Saison with the secondary fermentation on pink guava puree. You can enjoy classic barnyard flavours, citrus, watermelon, wheat, clove, and carbonation in this drink. There is an 8% ABV in this beer.

Dogfish Hear 90 Minute IPA

This bittersweet beer gets its name from the amount of time it is continuously hopped. It provides a too bitter to drink but too sweet to forget kind of vibe. It contains 9% ABV and gives a hint of pineapple and honey flavour when you drink it chilled.

Dogfish Hear 90 Minute IPA

Founders KBS

This imperial stout is a world-class beer which is only available in April. It is a slow sipping beverage which provides the taste of coffee, brown sugar, chocolate, vanilla, and bourbon, all in different layers. This beverage from KBS is a product of their investment in time and patience. It contains 12.4% ABV.

Pizza Port

Known by multiple names, this beer by American Wild Ale is one of their finest products. It is brewed in Belgian-style which is famous for sour taste. It is made from four different fermentable sugars. It is fully fermented before being placed in bourbon barrels. You can get a hint of cherry, vanilla, bourbon, oak, and brown sugar while sipping on this drink. It contains s 11% ABV and is a great choice for a complement to your snacks.


7 Beer Cocktails for Beer Lovers

7 Beer Cocktails for Beer Lovers

Ever fell in a dilemma of choosing between beer and cocktail? Have you ever felt getting yourself a cocktail, but you are also a beer fan? To solve this big problem, you can try out these unique beer combinations a try.

Here are the ten beer combinations that you need to try out.


This is a spicy beer cocktail made with adding some lime juice to Corona or your favourite beer. You can kick in some hot sauce as a side and garnish with salt on the rim with a slice of lime. Enjoy this drink on a perfect summer evening relaxing in your balcony.


Black & Tan

Try out this classic beer cocktail made with a beer and another beer. The easy way to do it is by adding your favourite beer to the pint glass up to half or ¾. Next, add a darker beer on the top to fill the rest of the glass. It is an easy-to-make cocktail for a quick change in taste.

Black velvet

Black velvet is another variant of Black & Tan where you only make your cocktail a bit fancier by adding champagne instead of second beer. You do not have to spend a lot on the champagne because the beer taste will overtake it. Use the 50-50 proportion of dark beer and champagne to enjoy this quick drink.

Crown Float

If you want your beverage to look more exotic, you can try out this special cocktail idea. It is a type of Black & Tan, but the density of two beers differ a lot to make one beer float over the another. It is recommended that you fill light beer first and then slowly top it with dark beer.


This is probably the best cocktail you help you with your hangover. This beer style Caesar drink is made with pale beer mixed with the original Caesar recipe. Garnish your glass with bacon, celery, and fruits if you like. This can be a great drink to cure early morning hangovers on a Sunday.



When you are too confused to decide between a cider or a beer, you can go for a snakebite. It consists of equal proportions of lager beer and cider helps in maintaining a fruity taste to the beverage. The best part about this beer cocktail is it does not bite.


Finally here is a replacement for your early morning mimosa. It can help you get the energy you need to start the day. All you need to do is mix your favourite beer with 7Up to get the shandy. There are alternatives to 7Up, including carbonated lemonade, ginger ale, and any other soda that you can find. Pour half of each to make a perfect evening beverage.

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