Ever fell in a dilemma of choosing between beer and cocktail? Have you ever felt getting yourself a cocktail, but you are also a beer fan? To solve this big problem, you can try out these unique beer combinations a try.

Here are the ten beer combinations that you need to try out.


This is a spicy beer cocktail made with adding some lime juice to Corona or your favourite beer. You can kick in some hot sauce as a side and garnish with salt on the rim with a slice of lime. Enjoy this drink on a perfect summer evening relaxing in your balcony.


Black & Tan

Try out this classic beer cocktail made with a beer and another beer. The easy way to do it is by adding your favourite beer to the pint glass up to half or ¾. Next, add a darker beer on the top to fill the rest of the glass. It is an easy-to-make cocktail for a quick change in taste.

Black velvet

Black velvet is another variant of Black & Tan where you only make your cocktail a bit fancier by adding champagne instead of second beer. You do not have to spend a lot on the champagne because the beer taste will overtake it. Use the 50-50 proportion of dark beer and champagne to enjoy this quick drink.

Crown Float

If you want your beverage to look more exotic, you can try out this special cocktail idea. It is a type of Black & Tan, but the density of two beers differ a lot to make one beer float over the another. It is recommended that you fill light beer first and then slowly top it with dark beer.


This is probably the best cocktail you help you with your hangover. This beer style Caesar drink is made with pale beer mixed with the original Caesar recipe. Garnish your glass with bacon, celery, and fruits if you like. This can be a great drink to cure early morning hangovers on a Sunday.



When you are too confused to decide between a cider or a beer, you can go for a snakebite. It consists of equal proportions of lager beer and cider helps in maintaining a fruity taste to the beverage. The best part about this beer cocktail is it does not bite.


Finally here is a replacement for your early morning mimosa. It can help you get the energy you need to start the day. All you need to do is mix your favourite beer with 7Up to get the shandy. There are alternatives to 7Up, including carbonated lemonade, ginger ale, and any other soda that you can find. Pour half of each to make a perfect evening beverage.